Recordings and releases

 Single discography

  1. Christine Terrace c/w Nothing Sacred/The Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band In The World. 7″ vinyls. Spirit of ’86 Records SOES3
  2.  You Can Do Better Than That c/w February Forever Girl/I’ve Got A Gun (Acoustic). 7″ vinyl. Spirit of ’86 Records SOES5.    
  3. Blue & Beautiful c/w Version (Blue & Beautiful) 7″ single. Savage Bee Records Savage 004
  4. Let’s Get Together c/w Pop Star. 7″ single. Savage Bee Records Savage 005        
  5. Theme From Uranium Girl c/w Jennifer (And The People Who Married Her)/Someone Who Cares 7″ and CD single. Apricot Records APRIVIN009 and CDEP APRICD007 c/w When You Were Young/Theme From Uranium Girl (Karaoke Version) plus Video.
  6. I’m Going Out c/w I’m Going Dancin’ (remix by D-Gem)/We Are Acoustic. 7″ single. Apricot Records APRIVIN017          
  7. Carol Mountain c/w You’re More Beautiful When You’re Sad/Carol Mountain (mono)/The Garden Of Our Love. 7″ single. Apricot Records APRIVIN030        
  8. I Love You CD Single. Savage Bee Records Savage 012.
  9. Natalie Vendredi. Digital & CD single. From Lo-Fi to Disco! LO-FI 017 –  
  10. Girls Just Wanna Dance. Digital single. From Lo-Fi to Disco! LO-FI 022 –
  11. I’ll Be Home For Xmas. Digital & CD single. From Lo-Fi To Disco! LO-FI 024 –

Album discography

  1. Modern Guitars with Amplification
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Modesty Blaise (Compilation)
  3. Melancholia  
  4. The Modesty BlaiseCOMING SOON