22 November 2019. Happy Release Day. You can now buy Natalie Vendredi from your usual digital platform of choice, iTunes/Amazon etc etc – wherever you get it from it’s a bargain. You can watch our nouvelle vague video shot largely in France on YouTube here

19 November 2019. There’s a promo clip from the Natalie Vendredi video on the Modesty Blaise Facebook page, turn it up! then give us a like.

15 November 2019. A week to go until we release Natalie Vendredi and the promo cds have arrived, very exciting – they look great

04 November 2019. And we have a release date. Natalie Vendredi will be released on Friday November 22 2019. And here’s the cover:

Natalie Vendredi cover

Please follow us on social media @modestyblaiseuk for news as it comes.

14 October 2019. We have a catalogue number for our new single Natalie Vendredi. That’s exciting – it’s on the glorious From Lo-Fi to Disco records lo-fi 017. Don’t have a date yet but watch this space. Ooh, I’m Going Out was 017 too!

25 August 2019. Back from France where it really was far too hot to be wearing a suit. There’s still some filming to be done but in the meantime check out our instagram feed for some stills from the video. BTW, we’re @modestyblaiseuk on Instagram and Twitter and there’s a feed on the Home page too.

13 August 2019. We’ve completed some more tracks and next week we’re off to Northern France to record a video for forthcoming single Natalie Vendredi. So look out for us in the Le Touquet area.

8 May 2019. We’re publishing Spotify lists, starting with a list of songs we’ve covered and played live. Go here and check it out. Many of these were only played once, a few were played almost constantly, the two Orange Juice songs were when we played as Edwyn’s backing band – did you hear us play any others that we’ve forgotten? Let us know.

1 April 2019. The news is this: 7 songs from The Modesty Blaise are completed and mixed. Three more are in advanced stages of completion, just some backing vocals and strings to add. Two more to work on. There has been plenty of recent work at Barton Regis studios and we’re booked into The White House studio second week of April. Look out for that on our social media accounts where we’ll post updates. This is not an April fools joke.

You’ll be thrilled to know that the third Modesty Blaise album proper (not including A Beginner’s Guide… which was a compilation) The Modesty Blaise is more than half completed. So there is recording being done. I’d go so far as to say two thirds. Keep coming back and we’ll give you some previews.

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